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Step into a world of reliability with BERSHIN SUPPLY – your unwavering ally, offering top-tier equipment, premium products, and impeccable maintenance services across a spectrum of industries.

Supplying All Types of Valves, Pipes and Fittings for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries

Providing Valves and Venting Equipment for Maximum Safety in the Offshore and Tanker Shipping Industry

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At Bershin Supply, we work closely with industrial machinery manufacturers around the world and serve as their main distributor in Canada, the Middle East and Central Asia. We help to supply their products to the global market. We know the equipment market in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical, shipping and steel industries very well. By supplying quality equipment with international standards, we guarantee the longevity and proper operation of your industry. Count on us to help you grow and make a bigger impact in the changing industrial market. We're here for you every step of the way.

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Join us in making a difference! Choose a company with bold aspirations for enhancing its supply chain. Equip yourself for positive change with us.

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Genuine Spare Parts from Bershin Supply ensure that the valves will operate and comply with international rules and regulations. Our spare parts are certified to be installed in situ in accordance with IMO/MSC/Circ.

We have a selection of special ball valves for pipelines that include flammable materials. These ball valves will continue their operation even in occurrence of fire in the pipeline.

Bershin Supply provides our customers with a variety of industrial high-performance valves, including V - Port control valves, ball valves for steam service, ball valve coal gasification and more.

Pressure/Vacuum Valves

We offer a range of Pressure/Vacuum valves for venting systems designed specifically for the marine industry.

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Our products are designed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency in your operations, giving you the peace of mind that your equipment is equipped with the best technology available.

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No matter where you are globally, if you need equipment and parts from anywhere, we're here to ensure your satisfaction.

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Your order details are securely stored and sourced from reliable global manufacturers, ensuring compatibility with your specific needs.

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At Bershin Supply, we recognize the importance of this initial step and strive to provide our clients with accurate and timely responses to their inquiries, ensuring transparency and reliability in all our dealings.


At Bershin Supply, we engage in negotiations with a commitment to professionalism and transparency. Our aim is to foster a constructive dialogue with clients, working towards a fair and equitable outcome.


At Bershin Supply, we recognize the significance of timely and dependable fixtures. Leveraging our expertise and industry networks, we ensure a smooth and efficient process for our clients.


At Bershin Supply, we give top priority to the loading and discharge processes. Our approach involves employing safe procedures and skilled personnel to guarantee a seamless and efficient operation.


These are fundamental principles within the shipping industry, encompassing freight invoices, demurrage calculation, and related claims. A comprehensive understanding of these terms is crucial for ensuring the smooth and cost-effective operation of voyage charters.


This constitutes a vital element in the shipping sector, encompassing the computation and settlement of freight charges and related expenses between the charterer and owner. It demands a thorough understanding of the charter party agreement to guarantee equitable and punctual settlements.

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The industries we serve operate 24 hours a day and so does BERSHIN SUPPLY. We provide critical products and services through our expert team and service centers around the clock, every day of the year.

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As a premier provider for the Maritime, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Steel sectors, we specialize in delivering high-quality products that redefine excellence. Elevate your operations and unlock unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge solutions.