Introduction of “Tank Level Measurement Radar”

SCANRAD™ SC R8 - Tank Level Measurement Radar

The Scanjet SCANRAD™ SC R8 – tank level measurement radar stands as a resilient and dependable radar designed for measuring level/ullage in tanks. Tailored for demanding marine environments and industrial applications, the SC R8 is a high-performance instrument ensuring precise tracking of liquid levels in the tank during all operations.


The SC R8, a radar designed for level measurement, is versatile across various liquid types. Ideal for marine and land tanks, it caters to:

  • Refined hydrocarbons: Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Bitumen, and Lubricants.
  • Unrefined hydrocarbons: Crude Oil and Condensate.
  • A wide range of Chemicals (IMO ship type 1 to 3).
  • Water, water-based substances, and alcohols.

With a high dynamic range, the SC R8 effectively measures liquids with dielectric constants of 1.6. This makes it well-suited for Crude Oil Tankers, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Bitumen Tankers, Shuttle Tankers, and marine fuel tank measurement.

The SC R8 is equally valuable for land installations, finding application in storage tanks and process tanks across diverse industries, from chemicals to fuel depots.

Tank Level Measurement Radar

Working principle

The SC R8 – tank level measurement radar functions as a non-contacting radar-level transmitter, utilizing the 80 GHz band with a half-power beam width of 3°. This intrinsically safe device is suitable for operation in Hazardous areas and operates as a 2-wire device with 4-20 mA HART protocol. Its software configuration enables the filtering of echoes from obstacles and disturbances, ensuring precise readings. With its high bandwidth, the radar excels in tracking the liquid in close proximity to both the tank bottom and roof.

Benefits Scanjet SCANRAD™ SC R8 tank level measurement radar

The antenna and wetted parts of the SC R8 – tank level measurement radar are designed to minimize any risk of deposits of condensation or residues. The drip-off design and the smooth surface, together with a radar with high dynamic range means no cleaning, and as there are no hidden surfaces or pockets it is the ideal choice for chemicals.

This radar adeptly handles foam, turbulence, or waves on the liquid surface. The 80 GHz radar signal facilitates measurements near the tank bottom and roof seamlessly.

Boasting low weight and a narrow beam, installation on board is straightforward, and the 2-wire interface contributes to reduced cabling costs. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with the SURVEYOR™ Cargo Monitoring System.

* ScanJet SCANRAD™ SC R8 Radar


The radar unit can be equipped with an integrated service display for diagnostics and configuration adjustments. Additionally, vapor pressure sensors can be conveniently co-located on the same deck socket as the radar, utilizing a cost-effective 4-wire cable run through the radar.


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